Our everyday lives are getting busier by the minute. We shuttle ourselves around from home, to work, to the gym or our kids after-school activities. Have you noticed that as people’s daily activities grow, so do women’s shoulder bags? Women’s bags have grown bigger and bigger to hold anything from laptops, a change of clothes, children’s toys etc. While this is convenient, especially if you don’t have a car, it can take a toll on your body.

84591816Carrying a weighed down purse over a long period of time can slowly do damage to the body. There is more pressure on the spine, which can cause interference to the spinal nerves, causing discomfort in the neck, shoulders, back and even in the legs. While a large purse can be trendy or convenient, it’s usually better to lighten the load. Here are some ways you can take the pressure off:

·       Switch your purse from side to side. Carrying your bag on one side all the time can create strain and discomfort. By switching you can give your favored side a rest every once in a while and keep yourself balanced.

·       Wear a purse that has a cross-the-body strap. Instead of carrying all of the weight on one side, the weight will be more even distributed, causing less pressure on one side of the body.

·       Carry only what’s necessary. Do you really need that two-liter bottle of water in your bag at all times? Take what’s essential with you and leave the rest in your car, gym locker, or at home if possible. Lessening the load will lessen the back discomfort.

I know it’s tempting to get the latest bag or try and be efficient by having anything and everything you might need throughout the day. By making a couple of adjustments, you will still be able to have the function and the comfort you need to keep up with your busy lifestyle, without having to sacrifice your back. If you are experiencing discomfort, visit us today for a chiropractic evaluation. Call 770-389-4744 or visit https://www.godiscoverhealth.com/