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In this section, you’ll learn about the approach to chiropractic that we believe will make the most impact on the health of you and your family.

Specific and Scientific Chiropractic Care

Stockbridge GA ChiropractorThe human body is an intelligent organism that was designed in such an intricate way that when all is as it should be, it has the ability to heal itself. At the core of this ability is the Nervous System (NS), which teams up with the immune system in order to create optimal responses for the body to adapt and heal correctly. When your spine is in perfect alignment, your NS and immune system can communicate effectively, and therefore, help your body remain in the best health possible. However, when it’s out of alignment, the opposite occurs, and your body will quickly begin to experience signs of disease, illness and other preventable ailments.

So, all I have to do is keep my spine in alignment?

Essentially, yes, but keeping the spine in alignment is much easier said than done. Everyday activities such as sitting at your desk, lifting your toddler into their car seat, carrying an armful of groceries into the house or even picking up after your family in the evenings can throw your back out of alignment. Oftentimes, your body will begin to experience abnormal changes and a decreased immune system far before you notice any symptoms. By the time you DO experience pain, discomfort or illness, your back has been in poor condition for weeks or even months. At this point, you are no doubt experiencing spinal subluxation.

Specific and scientific chiropractic care is used to find those spinal subluxations and remove them, so that your NS and immune system can communicate effectively again, and so that you can get back to living a healthy lifestyle.

But how does chiropractic work exactly?

Atlanta Chiropractic TreatmentThis is a question we hear quite frequently from new practice members, and it’s one we enjoy answering.

Specific and scientific chiropractic care—or Principled Chiropractic—focuses on 33 fundamental truths—or principles—of the spine and its relation to optimal health of the body. Everything a Principled Chiropractor does—and everything that WE do—is done in adherence to those truths.

What this means for you is that we commit a thorough analysis for subluxations and then use various chiropractic adjustment techniques to address those subluxations with the sole intent of reducing nerve interference. We don’t aim to correct the present condition or any existing symptoms, but rather, we aim to remove interference.

How does removing spinal interference help?

The nervous system controls all aspects of the human experience, so when it’s not functioning properly due to outside interference, neither is the person whose spine is in question. When nerve interference is removed, the result is increased health because communication between the spine and the immune system is restored.

If you’re tired of feeling “not your best,” and if you KNOW your capable of living a much fuller life, specific and chiropractic care is just the thing for you. Call us today at 770-389-4744 to see how we can help create a healthier you.

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