Testimonial from Kara on Headaches

We started seeing the chiropractor for a variety of health benfits. I was suffering from severe headaches 3 to 4 times a week and I needed to take medication to manage the pain. I was also hoping that it would help with my hypothyroidism that was brought on by pregnancy.

My first examination was very thorough. The chiropractor explained what was causing the troubles and what he would do to fix it. Within weeks my headaches decreased and I felt better and more energized.

After a few months, it was rare for me to get a headache and it continues to be that way!

WHen the kids first started going, it seemed like they were getting sick all the time. Soon after starting care, all three kids seemed to be healthier. Within the first year, they were only sick once and got well quickly.

I was skeptical of chiropractic working for other helath issues and meeting the needs of my family, but now I”m a firm believer in it and I strongly recommend it to all.


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