Can you kick back, do nothing, and have a perfectly clean house? You wish, right?! It takes work. Even if a home is left empty, it still accumulates dust. Your health is no different. Can you really expect to maintain a healthy body if you lie on the couch or sit at a computer all day? Health is a proactive choice. Like having a clean house, you must stay on top of it and work to attain the results you seek.

Many people aren’t happy to hear that maintaining a healthy body involves dedication, work, and lifestyle choices. People find it easier to numb out in front of the TV or medicate themselves. Medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies are quick to offer an instant solution. However, when we consider the price and the long list of side effects of medication, we must wonder if the “quick fix” is worth it.

What is your reaction if I tell you that you are a natural healer? Yes, you have the innate ability to heal your own body. We believe there is a better way to achieve optimum health without surgery or pills. Sometimes the body needs guidance to activate this ability. It may seem like this ability in buried deep and is not accessible. This is where Discover Chiropractic comes in. Your nervous system only needs a bit of stimulation to activate the healing process.

474194011The average person is not aware of this dormant healing ability. They have never been taught that such a gift exists. Meanwhile, 70% of people in America are on at least one prescription drug. This means that seven out of ten people are hoping that a pill will cure their ailments. Even more shocking is another statistic that says American’s are prescribed twelve different medications a year. To put this in perspective, Americans represent 5% of the world’s total population but consume 50% of the world’s pharmaceutical drugs.

Pharmaceutical companies spend huge sums of money on advertising. Their goal is to convince doctors and the general public that their drug is the only solution to a certain health issue in our society. These ideas eventually break into the collective mindset and the American culture begins believing the message.

I believe people always make the best choices they can with the information they have. People choose drugs because they aren’t aware of other options. They are overwhelmed, in pain, and simply too busy to invest the time in learning about healthy alternatives. Folks opt for a quick fix and pray it delivers a bit of relief, even in spite of new side effects from the medicine. At Discover Chiropractic, we believe there is a better way, a right way.

We know our methods work. We use proven techniques that remove interference in the body. We have personally guided and witnessed healing among many families in our community. We believe we can help you too. We believe that true healing happens from the inside out.

With regular adjustments, our practice members see improved nervous and immune system functioning. They maintain their health and improve the quality of their lives. Where they once felt helpless and dependent on medications, they now experience hope and healing. Many of our members have shared their stories. Read about them on our website at: