Are you familiar with the phrase “there’s an elephant in the room”? It’s often used when there’s something apparent going on yet no one has the courage to talk about it. Do you ever wonder if perhaps talking about it might actually clear the air, energize morale, and even kick-start productivity?

Often, there’s an elusive “elephant in the room” when it comes to our health. We’ve all had a family member, friend or co-worker who seem to complain endlessly about their headaches, body aches, infections or other health concern. They might pop pills and divert the agony for a while, but over time the issue continues to surface.

The problem with addressing health issues in this manner is that nothing ever really changes. Symptoms may be masked for a while, but life’s quality takes a hit. It not only impacts the person afflicted, but also those who have to hear the constant complaining.

The next time you encounter a health-related “elephant in the room,” challenge the person to stop treating the symptom and instead seek to find the real problem. Our nervous system sends messages of discomfort when something is wrong. A principled chiropractor can help get to the bottom of the issue, release the interference and have your friend on the road to better health in no time.

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