Testimonial from Carlene on Sinusitis

When I first came to Discover Chiropractic, I suffered from sinusitis, migraines, dizziness, and numbness in my hips, wrists and arms. I was vomiting constantly from all the prescriptions I was taking. In addition to the daily migraines and nausea, at least twice a month I developed infections. I was seeing my PCP and Neurologist frequently and receiving pain management.

When I first came to Discover, I was crying because of pain. Dr. Amanda assured me that they would take good care of me. I was so impressed from the beginning with the care I was given and the positive, compassionate attitude of the Doctors and the team. I was doubtful that Chiropractic Care could help at first, but after a few adjustments, I woke up one morning without a massive headache…for the first time in years! That was the first sign of healing. Gradually, with consistent adjustments, I was able to eliminate all 15 of my medications! Every health concern I had healed with TIME & REPETITION. Since 2009, I have not been to see any other doctors.

My children came in for care for their problems with asthma, eczema and chronic bronchitis, which have all been eliminated.

The care we have received at Discover Chiropractic has saved our lives…I would stand on the street corner and tell the world”


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