Testimonial from Cynthia

My spiritual sister Latonya referred me to Discover Chiropractic. I was clinically diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and later Fibromyalgia.

My problems started about 7 or 8 years ago. I was suffering from hair loss, weight gain, tiredness, and pain most of the time. My feet were swelling and my back and shoulder blades were very sensitive to touch. I had problems sleeping and sitting. I had neck pain most of the time to the point of me being bed ridden for about three months. I was prescribed so many medications that I could not remember all of their names. (I did not take most of them because I have never liked taking chemicals.)

I really came to this office out of desperation, but after my first adjustment, I was able to lay my head down without pain. After a few more adjustments the pain in my body was subsiding. I became hooked!

After about three months of specific chiropractic care, I went to my physician for a check up. She could not believe my numbers from my blood work. Almost all of my numbers were normal. When I told her I was not taking medication and that I was under chiropractic care, she told me that I needed to continue taking my medication. I have been drug free since December 2008.

I stopped coming in for adjustments for about a month (for personal reasons). My body responded unhappily. Now I am back on track and I am a happy, faithful patient. My father, mother, second oldest brother, and one of my nephews have now joined the road of better health through chiropractic care. I tell anyone that will listen that this is the way to go. My energy levels are rising and I am functioning so much better.

“Thank You Jesus, Latonya, Drs. Hess and the Caring Team at Discover Chiropractic!”


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