Testimonial from Darrell on Sciatica

Darrel came to Discover Chiropractic in January of 2006. He suffered with low back pain that radiated all way down his left side into his leg and foot, which is better known as sciatica. He described himself as “irritable & frustrated”. It hurt just to walk and the pain would get worse with prolonged sitting.

When Darrell walked through the doors of Discover, he was used to taking 6 to 16 Ibuprofen daily*. After learning about the harmful side effects of this medication, and the real source of his sciatica, he committed himself to following Dr. Hess’s Chiropractic Care recommendations. Darrell began to get relief in the first week and he improved with every chiropractic adjustment.

“When I first began Chiropractic Care, my recommendations were for 2 adjustments a week. Now, I get adjustments no less than once a month to make sure I stay free from nerve interference NOW and FOR THE YEARS TO COME!”


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