Testimonial from Madisyn on Anxiety

Imagine being 14 years old sitting in a choir class. Everything is going great. Singing your heart out, hanging with your best friends.

All of a sudden, your heart starts pounding, your finger tips go numb and your whole body starts shaking!

That was my first panic attack.

I would experience this horrible feeling up to five times a day for a year, dealing with the attacks and trying to get through my already complicated teenage life.

I went to the chiropractor and, I swear, a choir started singing!

I found that my neck curved the wrong way and that it was the source of my agony. After a month of care, I was down to one attack a day.

Now it has been over a year free of attacks! I remember telling everyone in the office and all of us cheering together. It brings tears to my eyes just writing that.

I owe my freedom to my heroes at the chiropractic office and feel blessed to be a member every day!


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