When you hear the phrase, “quality of life,” what comes to mind first? Some might think of their emotional and mental health. Others will consider their health and physical state, while someone else will automatically think of their overall lifestyle and happiness. In truth, quality of life encompasses all of the above, and when one area is suffering, the other areas can’t function properly or to their fullest potential.

As your chiropractor, I believe that your quality of life is at its best when your physical and mental health are in alignment. Knowing how to listen and work with your body to correct and heal naturally is the first step to optimum health.

185907438No matter what your lifestyle may be, if you are injured or have any type of discomfort, it affects you not only physically, but mentally as well. When ailments keep you from playing the sports or doing the hobbies you enjoy, spending time with your friends and family or directly affect how you do your job, you aren’t able to live and enjoy the life you were meant to live. Often times, these physical discomforts can leave you stressed or anxious.

Just as your physical health affects your mental health, it works in the other direction as well.  If you are suffering from stress or anxiety, or are having difficulty paying attention at work or school, this can have a direct affect on your body. Neck discomfort, headaches or even a weakened immune system can be a direct result from increased stress. Many times though, we don’t connect the two and how one ailment can cause or affect another.

We too frequently forget how important the balance of physical and mental health is to our daily lives. We live in a fast paced, over stimulated culture, where we don’t make time for ourselves. We go days or weeks without evaluating how we are feeling. Finally, when we do realize that something is off and we are feeling discomfort, our first instinct is to do a quick fix by seeking out temporary relief from prescription drugs, only to repeat the cycle a few weeks later.

By taking the time to get chiropractic care, you are taking the first step to your peak health and best self. Imagine how good you will feel when you are able to live your life without discomfort or stress. When you’re balanced, you’re able to take back and enjoy the things that are truly important to you, such as the sports, hobbies, family and job.

As your chiropractor, for me that means working together to assess and discover what health conditions are holding you back and determine the cause of your problems. Finding the root cause is our goal and finding the treatment that works best for you personally. Live at your highest potential now and give us a call today – 770-389-4744 or book online at www.godiscoverhealth.com